hey handsome!

due to lack of time and inability to maintain adult admin life I’m temporarily putting my website to go under reconstruction to power through some serious updating.

sending my portfolio to potential clients with no new work uploaded for the last two years just isn’t cool anymore. while i’m trying to get my professional duties together you can be up to date with my scribbles and ongoing projects on my instagram - @sophiemoillustration. also feel free to shoot any enquiries / bookings / free wine vouchers over the email - hello@sophiemo.com.
please note that for any major projects (pretty much anything that’s not a one off illustration / graphic) I am currently booked out until end of year. i never tend to ‘close’ my commissions however currently don’t have much capacity to produce any more cool stuff for the next two months - something to give you a heads up on. although I would happily recommend some other talented folk for any pre-Christmas work!

i’ve left ‘about’ section in case you ended up here by accident or have no clue what am i (like most of this worlds population) - but it’ll give you an idea while my digital presence needs a time out.

i’ll be back soon! stay awesome.