i am where my comfort is

“I am where my comfort is” is about you.

It is about people who are always around, people who know what makes them happy, about what makes them themselves.

I constantly find myself stuck in a never-ending struggle of finding my own place, my very comfort zone; endlessly looking for all these small and-not-so-much things in life which will help me find the balance, will tell me that's it's all O.K.And it's great to get to know people who do know what makes them happy. It's like if they were positive they're doing it right. Even if not, it doesn't matter. As long as they try. And they do know what makes them who they are, what helps them get through their routine, keeps them smiling when it's hard to.

I also do find this a very intimate thing to share, you know, things that what makes me comfortable. And I would like to thank everyone who opened up and let me in.

It is inspiring and wonderfully pleasing when people share their stories, not just with me, but with everyone else. Because they're O.K. Because there's nothing to be afraid of.