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How I turned my day-time job in a coffee shop into an art graduates' resume looking for a creative placement. 


Jelly London "Make your Mark" brief for D&AD New Blood Festival 2016 has asked its applicants to find an effective way of communication and self-promotion in a creative industry. I consider myself to be rather good in illustration, yet how to ensure potential clients or employers why am I the one to work for them wasn’t clear. So what does make me special or possibly help me get them to look at my work?

Having just finished my BA I have realised that getting a job in a creative industry simply because I’m great at doodling stuff unfortunately isn't a very solid plan. 

So I turned my day-time job in a coffee shop into an art graduates' resume looking for a creative placement. 

I worked in a bustling shop coffee shop in the heart of Shoreditch called Ozone Coffee Roasters, 11 Leonard Street, local to numerous art studios and design agencies.

Ozone cafe, the place where I got to meet the most wonderful people working in the area has been my second home for nearly three years. And then I realised that me being there all this time, feeling so welcomed and involved in as many things around as possible might help me find an answer to the given brief and prove the creative world that it needs me. So I did the best I did for living at the time: I gave people coffee.

Ten local design agencies of my choice “this is where I want to be when I grow up” were sent a bag of some seriously fine roasted 250g of Colombian single origin coffee each, with a sticker on just as one we’ve got on single origin coffee bags in a shop, but with my shortened resume printed on it. The resume only contains information related to this very coffee shop: its address, our collaborative creative work, logos and web links. Parcels also included an information card on a sent coffee: its region, variety, aromas, and flavour notes. Everything was followed by an explanatory email, letting them know they were expecting a parcel and briefly explaining what's in it.

10 resume coffee packages were sent to:

*Since life is painful and unfair, as I young creative graduate without five years of studio experience of working for free I did not get employed, however this was mighty fun.