Little White Lies Issue 91:

Publisher: Little White Lies 

Published: November 2021

Camera operator: Ben Rolph

Video editor: Will Webb

Studio: Parliament Tattoo

Editor: David Jenkins
Art Directionr: Laurene Boglio
Cover Illustration and Tattoo: Sophie Mo
‘The latest issue of LWLies is particularly close to my heart – or, more accurately, my right thigh. After seeing Julia Ducournau’s incendiary, Palme d’Or-winning Titane at the Cannes Film Festival back in May, I returned to London waxing lyrical about it, and pretty soon my colleagues David and Adam were in agreement – we should make it the cover film for our November/December issue.

Smash cut to a month later: I’m sitting on a clingfilm-covered bed in a London tattoo studio, wearing my Fast & Furious-branded pyjama shorts and feeling suitably self-conscious as my friend Sophie tattoos my leg with one of her bespoke designs for our Titane cover. All the while, the cameras are rolling to capture the event for posterity.‘