Domestika: Blackwork Tattoo Design

July 2020

Learn how to create a blackwork tattoo design with different analog and digital techniques. Sophie will be showing how to design a portrait, an animal drawing, and a botanical illustration.
Sophie Mo is a London-based illustrator, designer, and tattoo artist. She specializes in blackwork tattoo design, taking inspiration from the worlds of cinematography, music, Japanese culture, and botanical-style Victorian illustration.

Mae your work memorable and showcase your unique style using the design techniques of illustrator and tattoo artist Sophie Mo. The London-based designer specializes in blackwork tattoo design, creating unique work that has received the attention of brands like Airbnb, BBC 6 Music, Squarespace, Microsoft, REVLON, and more.

In this course, learn how to create your own blackwork tattoo design by combining a variety of analog and digital techniques. Developing good design skills is essential for any prospective tattoo artist. With Sophie, discover the methods for achieving clean lines, high contrast, and a singular aesthetic that gets both attention and clients.