Domestika: Turning Personal Artwork into Commercial Illustrations

November 2022

Create an illustration from a brief to apply to different products, in this case a beverage can, a t-shirt, and a poster.
Want to learn how to apply your illustrations to products and other commercial uses? There’s no one better to show you how than illustrator, designer, and tattoo artist Sophie Mo. Her work has been commissioned both privately and by brands like Airbnb, Microsoft, BBC Radio 6 Music, MUBI, Squarespace, Fireball, and more.

In this online course, Sophie teaches you how to turn your artwork into successful commercial illustrations, both in physical and digital format. Learn how to read a brief and extract key information to create designs that adhere to the client’s vision. Sophie also shares tips on how to professionally present your work, promote it on social media, and build a strong portfolio.

If you’re interested in making designs intended for ink, check out Sophie’s first course on Blackwork Tattoo Design.